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Serving the needs of the community

In 2008, when we were planning to celebrate our 150 Anniversary the congregation decided to plant a peace pole on the property. Our peace pole has May Peace Prevail on Earth written in 16 languages in our Peace Garden. As part of the celebration we decided to take on a new project. Several of our members graduated from Lincoln Elementary School over the years including one gentleman that was in the first graduating class. So we decided to adopt Lincoln Elementary School and support the children at the school.

Since 2008, we have collected school supplies, sox, shoes, underwear, Jackets and other clothing items for the school. We have donated medical supplies for the nurses use. Once a month, members from St. Pauls gathers at the school to box up meals for about 75 low income families. When teachers need homework packets made up, our women in the church spend days ripping apart old books and re-assembling them in homework packets for the teachers. We have read to student, tutored many of them, served food for special occasions and in 2011 Lincoln School used St. Pauls Sanctuary to host their end of year concert when the High School it is normally held in became unavailable.

 We have found that by reaching out and helping those in need, they receive some assistance and we receive a blessing from them. It is so fulfilling to help a young person that is struggling to be able to read. It is moving to see staff at the school moved to tears when we show up with things like shoes for children whose soles have worn out, or to when we helped a family that lost everything in a fire get back on their feet. God is using us to change the lives of people in our community, one person at a time.