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Un-Afraid-Living with Courage and Hope
January 15 - February 12
Sundays - 9:00 am
Location: Main Sanctuary

We all experience a measure of anxiety, worry or fear in our lives. We may fear heights, or spiders or speaking in public. We worry about our kids, careers, money or health. Sometimes we fear those who are different; we fear the future, rejection, aging or our own mortality. Among the most frequently repeated statements in all of scriptures is, - Do not be afraid -. But how do we overcome worry, anxiety and fear? How can we live unafraid, fearless? Join us starting January 15th as we explore the most common worries and fears experienced by Americans today, consider practical steps for overcoming these fears, and reflect upon fear in the light of scripture and a faith that promises again and again that we do not need to live in fear, but instead with courage and hope

Jan. 15 - An Age of High Anxiety
Jan. 22 - Fear of the Other
Jan. 29 - Fear Mongering
Feb. 5 - Fear of Failure, Fear of Sucess
Feb. 12 - Fear of Getting Sick, Growing Old and Dying